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Broken, Alaska

The Fictional Podcast about Life in a Small Town. 
Fish with Scales Sketch


Say Hello to some of the 71 residents of Broken, Alaska! 

Delores Poniard

Waitress at "The Harbor Palace" restaurant, Delores will always be there to serve up some of the finest food in Broken. Ask her about the Tuesday Blue-Plate Special!

Doc Burgess

If you or your sheep need fixing, Doc is the one to call! Bring a pair of shoes for the best bartered health care in the country! ​

Rose Mercador

A recent transplant from California, Rose runs the produce stand in Broken. When she's not growing veggies, she likes arguing with Brick and collecting expensive evening wear.

Denise Vaderbelt

Fresh off "The Queen of The Gulls", Denise won the hearts of everyone in Broken! She loves a good day's work, making friends, and her little smash-faced dog, Pugsy.

Mark Shaughnessy

A Broken local, Mark runs "The Twisted Dinghy" and "Brooke's Books and Other Things". He might seem mild-mannered, but don't sneak up on him when he's running wild in the woods!

Burt Hallowell

This former member of the London Metropolitan Police force spends his time drawing caricatures of the tourists off "The Queen of The Gulls". He loves coffee, long walks on the beach, and investigating mysteries from the past.

Brett Brickman

Businessman and entrepreneur, Brick is always looking for ways to improve Broken. Can his laser-like focus on the hotel deal ever be distracted?

Louise Delphine

Originally from France, Louise moved to Broken to pursue her dream of being an environment-saving lounge singer. Though Brick thinks she just works for him, we all know Louise is the brains behind his schemes.

Heather O'Hearne

As Head of the City Council, Heather is in charge of the day-to-day running of Broken. She loves Fabio, romance novels, and permits, and dreams of the day Mayor Frost returns.

Anikah Joiner

A recent arrival from Nebraska... or was it Arkansas?... Anikah sure seems like a gentle soul. She's always happy to stop by the bookstore for a cup of Mark's coffee and a chat about fine cabinetry.

Joey Maglioni

Originally from NYC, Joey hopes to make the local newspaper, "The Broken Bugle" into something big. Joey's got the moves, and won't stop until they find the truth!

George Corner

Owner of "George's Corner", this antiques and curios lover is always looking for a deal! But, remember, the oosiks can't be brought across the border into Canada!

Kittie Spelt

Born and bred in Broken, Kittie is all about hunting, survival, and prepping for the end of society as we know it. If you are into push ups, jerky-making, and have a good supply of gold krugerrand, she might be the woman for you!

Fr. Francis O'Bean

Always ready to dish out advice straight from the LL Bean catalog, Fr. Francis is Broken's multi-denominational spiritual leader. Stop by the Churnagosque and say hi!

Carlos Del Valle

Broken's rock-climbing guide, Carlos can be found at the base of the Aywipe Mountain, preparing to take tourists on another amazing adventure! He loves medallions, salsa, and knows a gentleman would never kiss and tell!

Sheriff Jim Sorensen

When he's not training his 48-pound, crime-fighting Siamese cat, Sheriff Jim loves polishing the bugles and looking over old CIA cold-case files in his garage. Stop by and say hello! (Just don't sneak up on him...)

Lars Larsensen

This tall, handsome Scandinavian is the security guard on the MoshiMoshi Toybashi Fish Processing Plant. He loves kombucha, hot tubs, and running the Viking Burial Service.

Mama Tutti Amore

When she's not assistant chef at "The Harbor Palace" restaurant, Mama Tutti will be in her own kitchen, working on the perfect Tiramoosu recipe. If you love food, wine, and red-checked tablecloths, you'll love Mama!

Johnny 99

Tune in to Radio Free Broken most nights between 5pm and 2am and you'll hear this satin-voiced DJ spinning all the hits from the late 1960s and 70s! He's the last bastion of free thought this side of Juneau!

Margaret Hall

The way Margaret runs the white-water-rafting tours along the Jackhole River, you'd never guess she was pushing 95 years old! All those years in the Marines must have done her good.

Mayor Tommy Frost

The absent Mayor of Broken is universally loved by his constituents! Does anybody remember what he looks like?

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