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Broken, Alaska

The Fictional Podcast about Life in a Small Town. 
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Who We Are

"Broken, Alaska" is a funny, weird audio fiction podcast about people who disagree - even argue - and still live together as neighbors. If you’re into that, tell someone to listen to the show!


Improvised and odd...

Blue Sparkles
Blue Sparkles

Welcome to Broken, Alaska! When you're here, you're family! (Sorry about that...)

Here’s how it works. A group of slightly odd actors gets together on Sunday mornings to record this half-hour show. Kari Aguila writes a basic skeleton of a script, picks characters for each scene (based on who is there and who doesn’t have their mouth full of donuts and cheese curds at the time), and we set them loose to tell the story. The actors make up all the dialog on the spot -- this means it can be BRILLIANT, funny, SPARKLE with intensity and DRAMA, or... you know... not.

We give it an edit (because George swears too much), Mike Fuller adds a few light sound effects underneath, and we present it to you as the ongoing audio drama, “Broken, Alaska”! We invite you to follow the characters through the seasons as they discover the joys and hardships of life in a small town. We think “Broken, Alaska” is a slice of the best parts of America, and we hope you’ll join us.


Post Card
Dear Josie,
Made it to Broken, Alaska! Not much to do, but people are friendly. Got my caricature done! 
Love, Will
Josie Marburgh
864 N 23rd St
Peshtigo, WI
7. The Cajuns - When family arrives unexpectedly...
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